I just don't get it... I am clearly missing something!

A long time ago I managed to get data into EMON-CMS. I am now trying to add in data from an EMON Pi and TH and have managed to get as far as seeing the data flow into EMONPI.Local and am getting it graphing.

What I simply cannot manage to do is to get this new data appear in the Inputs in EMON-CMS and it is driving me up the wall! I have also trawled the Community Boards, but without luck. I clearly managed it before, but am now missing something vital.

I have tried assorted things and have probably therefore screwed up or deleted something important although the EMONHUB log view seems to be returning sensible messages.

I’d be really grateful of a helping hand here because I just know I am close, but just can’t do it on my own.

Thanks, Neil

Welcome back, Neil.

Quite a lot has changed over the last few years, so I’m not surprised you’re lost.

First, there are two versions of emonCMS, they are the same as far as is possible, but there are differences that you need to be aware of. You can use both, but the principal thing you need to know is they are entirely separate. They are a local emonCMS, which you run on your own server - maybe a Raspberry Pi or an emonPi on your premises (or - but usually harder to set up - on a server you own or rent) - and emoncms.org, which was the original offering and it’s run by OEM (specifically Trystan).

Now, what I think I understand is you are sending data into your local emonCMS and it’s doing what you expect - more or less.

What do you mean here - emoncms.org? Do you want to send your data there as well?
(Bear in mind there’s now a small charge per feed, that’s offset by purchases from The Shop.)

This is possible (depending on how the data arrives in your local emonCMS), it is done in emonHub and it’s the only direct link between your local emonCMS and emoncms.org. How does your data reach your local emonCMS?

Which version of emonCMS are you running locally? It might be that you must (and generally we advise this anyway) update to the latest version. It’s usually possible to backup your old data and restore it to the new version.

I should warn you, I’m not an emonCMS expert so I might not be able to answer all your questions.


Firstly, thank you for replying. I appreciate the offer of help here. I’m going to look at this later as I am getting nagged to stop wasting the whole weekend on the PC! (I didn’t want my sporadic silence to be misinterpreted as disinterest… more about keeping plates spinning.)

I’ll be back later.


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I suspect I am over complicating things as I don’t really need to publish to the web and holding and displaying the data locally will be enough.

I have data flowing from the first installation that uses a Nanode RX (and the EmonTX I soldered together back in the day when I first started), but I don’t think I need that data to go outside my local network really. It would be good to see it when away from home, but not strictly necessary.

Can I get to see that data on EmonPi.local somehow?


Yes - but it means potentially opening up your Pi to the whole world, so you need to lock it down to make it as near hacker-proof as possible, and this is something I know nothing about.

No that isn’t a complication and probably the usual use case.

Just go to the IP of the emonPi in a browser on the same network.

I’d have a look at the getting started guide as well.

Taking Neil’s question in context, I think he meant “Can I get to see that data when away from home?”


Which is it @QuarryHouse ?

Hi - I’d really like some help on a few topics similar to the above - I’d consider myself fairly technical but I just can’t understand what I’m doing wrong. I’ll try to describe the issues below:

1: Connecting via WiFi. I’m currently connected via Ethernet cable to my router, but I’d prefer to connect via WiFi. I’ve tried to connect via the page below and it won’t connect. I’ve tried to discover devices on my network using laptop and phone, but it can’t find anything. All tips very welcome.

2: I’d like to store my data on Emoncms.org to allow me to use Apps, backup my data and view solar production v consumption when away from the house. I’ve tried using the video guides etc but I just can’t understand how to set this up or what I’m doing wrong. I can view my data by using the webpage pictured below, but beyond that I’m totally lost. Please help

If someone was happy to do a quick MS Teams/Google call it might be easier than typing etc.

There is another query re WiFi. @glyn.hudson

You do not need to use emoncms.org to use Apps, unless by use, you mean outside of your Home LAN.

To send the data to emoncms.org add an HTTP interfacer to emonhub pointing to your account there.