I don't get any voltage or power from the smart shunt. How can I solve the problem?

The system is running but I don’t get any voltage or Power from the smart shunt.
The battery voltage and “sense” were routed from the shunt to the Smart-Shunt board and I took ground directly from the busbar.
The red lamp from the shunt flashes every few seconds.
I soldered the “blob”.
Have I forgotten or overlooked something or how can I solve the problem?

I have the same issue.

Also don’t get, why this is… :see_no_evil:

I have two ESP32 controllers and 2 INA228 Smart-Shunt and it’s exactly the same problem with both. I’m now waiting for my ordered ina229 and then try it with the shunt addon.
Unfortunately, I then uselessly equipped 2 boards with the expensive ina228. I probably got 2 fake ICs, I have no other explanation. The IC’s have been soldered absolutely clean under the microscope. I was able to program the board but I can’t say whether the INA228 works. I’m starting to think this isn’t the case.

Did for the „real“
Boards I still wait for the ina228,

So I decided, to install the Addon Bord with the ina 229.

Routed with a buck converter the ~ 48V to 5V an connected directly to the BMS Bord.

On the backside I soldered the Battery * to the board and over the shunt the other 2 cables are connected.

Then I had read, that I need additional Battery- (48V) to ground of bms Board.

So I add ththis line also, but still no measurement value.

The Victron smartshunt was working like a glove.

Hmm. But actually I still prefer @stuart s solution.

Maybe you have an idea?

Installed in this way.

Does the web console display values from the shunt? Even just zeros?

If not, the ina229 has not been detected, so probably bad soldering

Hi Stuart, thanks for reply.

That’s what it looks like…

But soldering was pretty grid, I think :joy:

Changed over the addon Bord.

Now he is showing like 0.05V on the shunt…

0.03v isn’t really an improvement either, but at least it shows you something.
I haven’t achieved the partial success yet :slight_smile:

Okay, I haven’t changed anything. Now he is showing me 45V and increasing.

very strange right? Can’t find any faulty solder joints or anything? Compare the picture of the circuit board with yours, is there possibly a component wrong?

Actually everything looks pretty decent.

When I compare with a multimeter, the measured voltage from the MP2 is similar.

In my opinion the solder joints looks good.

Are there any „wrong“ ina229? I ordered this one from digikey

Hi guys.

I really messed up on two Bords one Pin, which was, of course, necessary for the voltage reading. Nice.

Now i get the correct voltage.