I am looking for a air-to-air heat pump monitoring bundle

I am wondering if there is a list of materials that I would need to monitor an air to air heat pump. The current bundle on the shop is for air to water heat pumps.

Hello @hunterdartmouth and welcome! We dont have a solution for air2air that accurately measures heat output but you can use the EmonTx4 to measure electric consumption and three temperature sensors, outside temperature, air in and air out of the indoor fan unit. That alongside the datasheet air volume rates through the fan unit could allow you to estimate some ranges for power output…

Another approach could be to attach a temperature sensor to the metal body of the refrigerant to air heat exchanger in the fan unit to try and get the condensing temperature and then use the carnot equation to estimate COP? E.g: https://docs.openenergymonitor.org/heatpumps/basics.html#carnot-cop-equation

Both approaches will have significant error margins but may be useful enough to see what is happening?