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Hybrid solar inverter - emonPi setup

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Hi Everybody

I jus acquire an emonpi Solar package to monitor my house consumption.
I own an Hybrid solar inverter (3500w 5500w Off Grid Hybrid Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter With Inbuilt 100a Mppt Controller For Solar Energy Systems - Buy 100a Mppt Inverter,Off Grid Solar Inverter,Hybrid Solar Inverter Product on with 10 LONGi 320Wp solar panels.

The inverter powers the entire house.
I wanted to monitor house consumption an calculate PV production.

I wanted to create a Mode 3 setup :
CT1 at the inverter output (wich is the global consumption)
CT2 at te mains inverter input (grid) wich is the grid consumption

So, my question is : is it possible to create a “calculated feed” wich will be the PV production : CT1 - CT2…

Thanks for your answers.