Hybrid power controller

I’m Nikhil currently pursuing BTech in Electrical and Electronics engineering, this is regards to my final year project, I need proper guidance and suggestion from you guys to do this project Problem Statement: Design a Hybrid Power controller using a small demo model set up
Low power consumption
Remote control using Mobile APP
NET metering Enable
Soft start concept must be adopted to increase the life of the battery or another concept to visualise the performance.
Input sources: Source1, Source2, Source3, Source4
Source1-Solar power
Source2-Grid Electricity
Source3-Battery Backup
Output: One source selected from available input sources based on selection Algorithm.
Among available power sources, a user can set the priority of sources for consumption.
High-level programming
Design the system to satisfy the above description and preferred microcontroller board for a prototype.
So how can I design it, which microcontroller can I use, which IOT platform can I use, how can I control and monitor the sources using mobile app, please help me.

I have designed basic block diagram, what changes can be made to this and further how can I implement this?