Huzzah wifi module on emonTX reverts to enabling its own AP after power cycle

Just set up a new emonTX with Huzzah wifi module, all received a few days ago.
Used its own wifi access to configure it to join the local wifi and all good. However, after a power cycle (I moved it from the desk to where it’s going) it was back in set up mode. Connected with the phone to and all the config was still there, but it chose to fire up its own wifi instead of joining mine.
Any thoughts?

Not sure but this sounds like the WiFi signal where you have placed it is not strong enough.


Hi John,
I think the Wi-Fi signal is ok where it is, as it worked fine once I’d chosen the SSID in the config screen. RSSI is -50dBm on the emonTX for the room Wi-Fi.
Thanks for the message.

Rookie error I guess. The instructions for the set up of the emonTX with Huzzah wifi module say to remove JP2. I mistook that as an instruction to move DIP switch 2. That had the effect of showing a lower mains voltage. I think this has fixed the boot up problem (and the mains voltage error). Whoops.