Huzzah ESP8266 WiFi module - help please

I’ve spent hours on this without success.
I’m using PlatformIO on Windows 10 to do the Upload of EmonESP-master (634,725 bytes/45 files/11 folders) and a UART/USB programmer and cable from the OEM shop. I put the ESP8266 into Flash mode before proceeding.
The upload seems to go OK (progress bars) but at the end, PlatformIO flashes up 3 or 4 messages too fast to read but I did make out [SKIP] 2 or 3 times.

Q1 - how to see the log file on PlatformIO?

Q2 - I did see a forum suggestion by Glyn to flash erase & start over - can you do that with PlatformIO? - if so,how?

Q3 - Is it possible to test the module after flashing whilst still connected to the UART/USB programmer using puTTy? If so, which COM port number to use?

Before flashing I copied EmonESP-master to a working folder. After flashing this had grown to 5,078,653 bytes/160 files/39 folders. Is this normal?

Thx for any suggestions

Update …
Wondering whether my ESP module was faulty, I went back to basics following the excellent Adafruit howto. I installed Arduino on my laptop and successfully ran their firmware sketch that connects to their server. Concluded my ESP module was OK.

Back to PlatformIO - uploaded emonESP. Connected the module to my emonTX then using the inSSIDer program and discovered emonESP_1792269 was broadcasting. I connected to it and tried connecting to but got the message … /home.html not found, have you flashed the SPIFFS?


Have you flashed SPIFFS?

There are 2 uploads to be done with emonESP, one is the firmware that runs on the device and the other is the site content. Personally I haven’t used PlatformIO for this, but with the Arduino IDE you upload the firmware sketch as usual and then put the esp8266 back into bootloader mode a second time and use the Tools => ESP8266 Sketch Data Upload menu option to upload the second “data” part, refered to as “SPIFFS”

The emonESP’s PlatformIO guide seems to have similar steps for uploading SPIFFS EmonESP/ at master · openenergymonitor/EmonESP · GitHub

Yes you need to upload the file system with:

$ pio run -t uploadfs

See the link @pb66 posted above to the readme section

Thx after many attempts I’ve now successfully flashed 3 Huzzah ESP modules.
I’m using PlatformIO and followed the install directions but was thrown a bit by the step - Upload SPIFFS filesystem over OTA (and don’t flash). If I did that I had to re-do the previous step by uploading over the network.
Next step - to get ESP to talk to my emonBase.

Nice work. OTA upload is optional, I always do the first uploads via direct serial.