How to use Schedule & how it works

Hi All,

How to use Schedule & how it works,

I create new Schedule & add Expression, then a add If schedule, ZERO in input process,

but not working, how to its work any example if you have please share,

i tried as per schedule Help,

Using Schedule how to set feed value at particular time period or reach that time set feed value.

could you please guide or give example for related this…


Have you seen the EmonCMS multi rate scheduler thread on the old forum? There are some examples there.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for reply,

this forum i already seen, but i want how to trigger or change feed value once my scheduling time reached,

for example,

i want every morning 8:00 AM my water heater turn on,

i ask this type of example…


Any one help to use schedule every day morning 8:00AM turn on heater
If you have any other similar example for schedule on/off perticular time period.


I’m afraid the documentation and examples are a bit thin, I wish I could help you further but i don’t have any experience with it and I’m not aware of any documentation I can point you to.

This fact is recognized and an emoncms issue has been opened.