How to use HSTS016L-200A CT Sensor


How can I use the following CT Sensor


With Emon Pi or create own circuit that an Arduino can read.

You cannot use that directly with an emonPi. The emonPi is designed to use only a current transformer.

You might be able to use it if you modified your emonPi, but the link you provided does not give quite enough information for me to be able to say with certainty that you can. Or you can of course design your own circuit to interface with an Arduino, and then use emonLib to calculate the current (and, if you add a voltage input via a suitable low voltage safety isolating transformer), real power and energy, and then send the resulting numbers via a serial link to an emonBase to provide the same data storage and web page outputs that the emonPi gives you.

Hi again Robert.

My concern is I have to measure current with the EmonPi for more than 100 A that is in range 50A to 200A.
I am confused if i should use the YHDC SCT-013-000 Current Transformer as I could not find any other compatible CT Sensor (specified in the Learn section of where I live.

You can use any current transformer with the emonPi, provided that you change the burden resistor (inside the emonPi) to give you a suitable input voltage for the ADC (about 1.1 V rms at the maximum current you will encounter). The problem is many low-cost c.t’s do not have an adequate VA rating to be able to do that. There is a range of suitable alternative c.t’s on the “Use in North America” page.