How to stop automated updates of Emonpi firmware?

I have some arduino hardware connected to the raspberry and have installed emonSD on it.

It looks like emonpi gets updated every now and again and this is replacing my sketch in my arduino with the emonpi one.

How do I stop these automated update of emonpi firmware?

Do you really mean that, or do you mean the sketch in the AtMega 328P in the emonPi?

It it’s the former, how is your Arduino connected? If it’s via the serial port on the Pi and the FTDI header, the answer could well be to remove the outgoing data line from the Pi.

If it’s the latter, I don’t know - it’s a pain for me too, because I’m running the next test version, and that gets “backdated” to the stock one. @TrystanLea has made updating the front end sketch optional when it’s done manually, I don’t know about when the update is automatic following a power-down and restart.

Yes I do mean that.
The arduino is connected via the serial AMA0 and have the reset on gpio4. Same as emonpi but different hardware.

Regardless I am interested to disable the auto update if you know how.

Hello @bitswap the latest version of emonSD is meant to disable the auto update.
But you can also make sure it does not update by removing the auto update line from /etc/rc.local.
Try commenting out this line: EmonScripts/rc.local at master · openenergymonitor/EmonScripts · GitHub

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