How to set unit of measurement

Would like to set the correct unit of measurement e.g. for temp and volts. Googled it and could not find how to do this in emoncms/emonbase. Homeassistant document refers that this could be done in emoncms/emonbase.

Any advice ?

Where are you trying to set it?

In Feeds select the feed and then the pencil to edit the feed.

There you can set the feed unit

If you are using the HomeAssistant emoncms integration, that will just get fed through to the HA sensor.

Thanks - selected all and changed to Celsius. Now all temperature feeds moved under emonth7 from other emonth devices ? Any means to bring those back to emonth5 and emonth6 devices where the feed belongs to ?

Did you edit the feed name or the feed node in the dialog above?

[edit] did you do them one at a time? If not that was why the node got changed.

No, i checked all at the same time, changed the unit from Watts to Celsius and then as a consequence node got changed. Did not realize that should change only at a time as the selection allows multipe for this modification.

Node ID remained so no harm was done and everyting worjs fine, only the grouping of feeds changed under the last node .

If you select the Feeds one at a time, and change the node name, the correct grouping will return.

Thanks - all good now! Sorry for such basic questions…

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