How to retrieve a kWh/d feed via the API

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I have a feed where I record the cost of electricity based on purchased power multiplied by the current electric cost, and then saved to a kWh/d feed.

I can see how to get the current value of the feed (*****), but I would like to get hold of the feed value for yesterday.
Is there a way to do that with the API?


Hello @Tim_Meadows You can use the feed/data API for this, see the examples here:

You need to specify a time range over which to request data points in milliseconds, One way to get a pre-prepared api request example is to load a graph using your browser and then use the developer tools > network tool to see the requests, you will notice feed/data requests that you can copy and adapt as needed.

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Hi @TrystanLea,

Thanks, I had tried some variations with the API but was never successful with a result.
I hadn’t thought of using the developer tools, so I’ll give that a try.