How to reset the Controller wifi network

Hi folks. I’ve got my controller and module boards up and running on my home network. Now I need to change it to my campervan’s network.

The problem is I can’t work out how to change the wifi settings!

I tried reflashing the Wemos D1 Pro, but it just used the original wifi.

I tried shorting out the wifi reset pins, then plugging power back in the the short still in place. But when I power cycled it again it just went back to the original Wifi network.

I’m starting to feel silly, as I’m sure there should be an easy way to do this. Right now though I’d take any way of doing it!

You will have to erase the data on the controller before you re-flash the controller

OK, thanks, how do I do that?

Reset the controller then short the pins… you only get 2 or 3 seconds so a few tries is sometimes required.

OK, is that the wifi reset pins? I’ll give it a go. Thanks.

Thanks again for the advice. I decided to solder on a little push button in case I need to do this again in the future.

Plugged in the micro USB pushed this button for a couple of seconds and then it went offline. Then the BMS CONTROLLER WiFi network showed up. Went to, filled in the new WiFi credentials and it went offline again. Signed into the new WiFi network and there it was.

So thanks for the help.


How do you guys find the web page of the wemos??? whats the ip address??

I think you need to look it up on your routers setting page once connected to your wifi system.

I use Advance IP Scanner for Windows to scan the IP and MAC addresses

It might be useful to add that for me it only worked to click Restart Controller button on the Settings tab whilst shorting wifi_rst1 pins.

Disconnecting micro usb and reconnecting did not work I learned after a few hours of frustration