how to read raw data from files stored in EMONCMS?

Hi dear friends,
I have Emoncms installed on a VPS and I am going to read the stored historical data (electrical parameters) to feed into a newly built module. The problem is, I don’t know where the data is stored and how could I access them. For example, in one case, I have a python code which is able to analyze the data of voltage and current and I must read the historical data from emoncms using this python code.

I studied the documentation and some relevant topics, but no solution yet.
I found some data with .MYD format in the timeseries folder. But as I couldn’t extract the data, I am not sure this is the right folder I am looking for.

could you please help me to find the storage directory of historical data and also a way to extract them.


Welcome, Arash, to the OEM forum.

If you knew what to search for here in the forum, you would have found this from just two days ago :smiley:

(I could not find it either - which is why I questioned it.)

Hi dear Robert.Wall
Thank you for your prompt response.
I hope the mentioned post will be helpfull for me.