How to read direction of Current, with SCT013-100

Hello good evening, I do not know how to make the SCT read negative values, and know the direction of the current, I have solar panels and I would like to be able to see this value, but the polarity that I put the clamps always gives positive values, The measurements they are correct in terms of magnitude.
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I attach a photo with the sketch and the arduino schematic

medidor_consumo_Luis.ino (3.0 KB)

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You can never know the “direction” of current flow, because it changes direction 50 times per second. Only the power flow has a direction, and you need to compare the current against the voltage instantaneously to calculate that.

You must read this page in the ‘Learn’ section:
Learn→Electricity Monitoring→AC Power Theory→Introduction→An Introduction to AC Power

Thank you Robert, I got it.