How to post OpenEvse data from EmonPi to EmonCms?

I have a freshly installed EmonEVSE Wifi which I’ve successfully connected to my local EmonPi following the setup instructions. I’d now like to post the logged data onward from the EmonPi to my EmonCms account but seem to be hitting a wall.
My EmonPi is posting it’s own channels to EmonCms happily, but adding

    nodename = openevse
       names = amp, wh, temp1, temp2, temp3, pilot, state, freeram, divertmode
       datacode = h
       scale = 1
       units = A,WH,C,C,C,A,state,B,divert

to the bottom of the EmonHub config file is saving happily, but not even giving me any useful errors after a restart of the service. My suspicion lies with trying to specify the node as a name rather than an integer, but this could easily be misguided! Is EmonHub even the correct approach?
EmonPi is low-write 9.9.8, OpenEvse is running V2.7.7

Thanks, and apologies if another part of the forum would have been more appropriate…

I think @TrystanLea or @glyn.hudson are best placed to answer this.

I do not think the OpenEVSE is communicating with the EmonPi via Emonhub (emonhub is generally serial data in and then output via different means). I think OpenEVSE is communicating with the EmonPi via MQTT.

If you go into the emonbub page on your EmonPi, if you do not see any log entries (enable auto update) relating to the OpenEVSE then it is not using the emonhub (do you use your EmonPi for other monitoring by CT?). Equally, in the main administration page, enable auto scrolling and look for MQTT messages from the OpenEVSE.

To do what you want I think the way to do it is to use the ‘Sync’ module. Do you already sync other feeds from the EmonPi to

Hi @prose,

Nice work getting up and running with your OpenEVSE.

Yes, @borpin is right. The EmonEVSE can communicate with Emoncms either via MQTT or directly via HTTP, neither of these methods involve emonHub.

See the Emoncms setup section of the OpenEVSE use guide:

The bit that is unclear is the distinction between the HTTP and the MQTT interface.

I’m suspecting the MQTT interface does the same as the HTTP one plus a bit more. For a local install do you need to configure both?

Thanks @glyn.hudson and @borpin
Now successfully set up with the ‘Energy Monitoring’ tab posting to EmonCMS and MQTT posting to my local emonpi, rather than the chain of three that I’d originally imagined would be the case. Thanks for your help.

Final cheeky question - is it possible to get the emoncms credits for the purchase of my EmonEVSE credited to my account when the purchase was done through my installer (as required by the grant process)? If so, who do I contact :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

Awesome, nice work :facepunch:

Certainly, please contact [email protected] and quote your emoncms email / username and we’ll arrange this for you.

Thanks for your support.

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Great, thanks Glyn.