How to Monitor Cummins Generator

Hello Community, thanks for the support.
I have 3 Cummins Diesel generators C500D6 with a PCC3300 board and HMI320 each one, is there a way to monitor Power ON-off, consumption and other data with emonCMS? I can confirm there is a modbus connection on the PCC3300 board. Do i need other hardware for connections? and can the three of them work with only 1 Pi3?

Really apprecciate the help.


There seems to be ModBusTCP support on emonPi, search for that and see how you get on.

I looked into interfacing a ModBus / RS-485 component once, ended up using node-red, and an RS485 interface plugged in to the Pi. All a bit hacky so might be the easier route to buy a converter for 485 to TCP.