How to merge data from historical PHPTIMESERIES into my new PHPFINA feeds?

Hi. I’ve just installed the latest version after running a version from 2016 ish untouched since then. I’m loving the new apps, and am getting ready to install an OpenEVSE in the next few months.

I did an import from USB and have all my old feeds there. They are PHPTIMESERIES, so don’t work with the new dashboards.

I’ve set up all feeds again as empty PHPFINA so that I can use the new features.

I’m running the phptimeseries_to_phpfina.php useful script on one of my old feeds.

What should I do to merge the data into my new feeds? I also need to run a “remove resets” function on some of my old feeds as there is some spiky data in there.

Cheers :slight_smile:

To narrow down my questions on postprocessing.

  1. I have tested merging 2 PHPFINA feeds with no problems. How do I merge 2 PHPTIMESERIES feeds?

  2. How can I run a removeresets task on a PHPTIMESERIES feed?


Hello @a23452533 did you want to convert the phptimeseries feeds to phpfina and then merge both feeds together to give a more complete feed perhaps? or specifically merge two phptimeseries feeds with the output being a phptimeseries feed? It should be possible to do the first but not the second as the post processors are all designed for phpfina feeds Im afraid.

Thank you for replying.

The phptimeseries feeds are accumulating feeds from my gas meter and water meter (data from these is sent into emoncms via the api). The feed size is about 1/10 th that of a PHPFINA feed.

So I could convert and merge to a PHPFINA feed although it feels wasteful. Should I worry about the PHPFINA size, or just get on with it?!