How to fit IoTaWatt wall-mount

Thanks to a helpful customer for recording their experiance as an instructional accont for how to fit the IoTWatt wall mount:

How to fit the smaller part of the wall-mount bracket to the IoTaWatt unit.

  1. Carefully remove the four rubber feet by pulling them out of their location socket and place them to one side.

  2. Using a cruciform screwdriver remove the exposed screws at the bottom of each socket and place with the rubber feet.

  3. Remove the base cover from the IoTaWatt unit.

  4. Unpack the two parts of the wall-mount bracket along with the two fixing screws.

  5. With the smaller part of the wall-mount bracket on the external surface of the base cover, and the triangle pointing towards the lower edge, turn the assembly over and align the fixing holes.

  6. Insert a fixing screw into one of the threaded brass nuts and partially tighten.

  7. Insert the second fixing screw into the other threaded brass nut and again partially tighten.

  8. Finish tightening both fixing screws.

  9. Refit the base cover ensuring the triangle on the wall-mount bracket is pointing towards the base of the IoTaWatt unit i.e. the end with the power socket connections.

  10. Place a base plate fixing screw in each socket.

  11. Using a cruciform screwdriver carefully engage each fixing screw with the thread that already exists and partially tighten.

  12. Finish tightening all fixing screws.

  13. Replace the four rubber feet.

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