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How to factory reset emonPi

Hi all,

I just received my OEM and configured it for USA. I fired it up. The data is posting to BUT it is not working on my local OEM cms. I’m not sure what I did. The process list is not completing in the Inputs tab, and the feeds list is not updating in the Feeds tab; I see “wait…” in both tabs.

So I thought best thing to do is factory reset, but I cannot find how to do it.

Thank you,

Hi @robmarano, sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Factory reset can be made by connecting via ssh then running:

$ sudo su
$ ~/emonpi/./factoryreset

However before factory resetting, maybe the issue can be fixed. What pre-built SD card version are you running?

Can you try a system reboot or restarting mqtt input service:

$ sudo service mqtt_input restart

Can you post output of emonhub.log?

See troubleshooting:

Thanks, Glyn. It seems now that I have forgotten my password, and the default does not work. I hit the reset button once and it did not work. I’m locked out. Any suggestions? I’m happy to reset it fully, but none of my attempts worked, as I read from the manuals.


What password have you forgotten?

If it’s your Emoncms password this can be reset by connecting via ssh then running password reset script: See:

If you have forgotten the SSH password then try the defaults either: user: pi pass: raspberry or user pi and password emonpi2016 on newer images

Got in! Thank you.

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Is there an update to this process? Where do the binaries live now?

We haven’t seen him since April 2017, though he still gets the update emails, so it’s unlikely robmarano will see this and answer.
What do you mean by “binaries” - the SD Card image? If that’s what you meant, look here: emonSD pre built SD card Download & Change Log · openenergymonitor/emonpi Wiki · GitHub

The actual commands that run…

I wish you wouldn’t assume I/we know what’s in your brain, because none of us are this guy.

The factory reset script mentioned above is now here:

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