How to display median watt (power) or kwh per day in a month or in a year

I’m basically trying to achive a way to display a power feed in a bar graph so that it would show me the median used power (watt) used during that day. not kwh.

it’s easy to achive this for daily data you just select a bargraph widget and a power feed and it will show the watt usuage per day. But if i click in the graph on W / M (watt per month) it shows me the total for 30 or 31 days depending on the month and i have to divide this valye by 30 or 31 to get the daily general watt usage the same applies if i select W / Y it shows the total watt value for 365 days so i have to divide it by 365 days to get the value manually.

So it depends on the view to get the daily median watt usuage value in W /D no division is needed in W / M i have to divide by the number of days in the month and with yearly i have to divide by the number of days per year.

since days in a month are not constant how this poses a problem as well as with certain (leap) years.

is it somehow possible to achieve these values in a graph either using some feed calculations or a way in a graph ?

so i don’t want the accumulated value if i choose w/m or y/m but always the median value per day somehow.

it’s basically like the values in my electric showing the median value per day but during a day, month or year
the same could be done with a kwh value to show me the median kwh value used per day also when i click kwh/m or kwh/y so that i have an idea how much kwh per day i generaly use and or how much watt is needed generally per day, because now i calculate this manually all the time as i can’t find out a way to display this somehow.

If it isn’t clear what i’m trying to achieve i’ll make a screenshots to better illustrate the problem i’m facing