How to connect uart output on the EmonTx v3 to ethernet

After having my EmonTx v3 running 24/7 for nearly 4 years without a hitch I would like to move the PC it’s connecting to via the UART .
So I am thinking a serial to Ethernet converter would do the trick.
Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
anyone done it before?
any tips please?

Thanks for any advice


How was the emonTx orriginally connected? You say “via uart” but I’m not sure what that entails at the PC end, a Pi has a uart exposed on the GPIO, Are you using a USB to serial adapter or an rs232 adapter with the PC?

Where or more specifically how far are you moving the PC? Could you run a long USB lead?

You could also perhaps add a emonESP and 5v power supply to the emonTx and post via wifi, but might mean changing the way it posts to emoncms, depending on what you have now. Are you using emonHub? how does the uart connected emontx get it’s data to emoncms?

Hi Paul
I’m using a serial to usb adapter.
I want to be able to have the PC quite a long way away. Far too difficult for a long USB run unfortunately.
I also aim to clone the small pc my programs run on to a VM in the near future. So Ethernet is my preferred method.
I don’t send my data to emoncms but have written all the code myself in .net
I have made a logging app which stores all my data in sqlserver and from there I chart and analyse the data.

I’ve just today ordered a cheapish serial to ethernet converter and intend to have a play around with that.
See how far I get :wink:



What do you consider “cheapish” ?

When I’ve looked at these before they were not affordable, they were cost prohibitive as they cost more than the monitoring equipment.

So do you have an Ethernet network in place or are you running and Ethernet cable specifically? I have on one occasion used cheapo USB over Ethernet adapters which seemed to work fine. The way these work is very different to what I think you refer to, these just use the Ethernet cable(s) to extend usb, it still plugs into the PC’s USB and they are not network addressable.

A cloud VM or local? Obviously if you are not planning on a local machine at all, then you would need something network addressable, although I still wonder if a emonESP or even a GPIO connected Pi Zero W would be better and cheaper than an Ethernet serial adapter.

Please let us know how you progress :slight_smile:

Although I have Ethernet all over my house I have not got a spare cable that runs directly from where the PC is now (my office) to where I want it (My Lounge) if I’m understanding you correctly that’s the USB over Ethernet you mean…

It’s going to be a local VM and you are probably correct about the Pi zero etc but I want a quick solution for now due to building work so having to go for a quick solution for now.
I will probably change it when I get more time as I love mucking about with electronics and programming :blush:

thanks I will let you know how get on


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