How to connect to emontx


I don’t have any clue about microcontrollers , but I want to monitor my power consumtion. I bought the emontx and a USB UART . I bought the UART from Amazon not from the webshop.

Mine does not has a RTS PIN , but from the oem it does. Do I have to use RTS to setup a connection ?

At the moment I have connected the emontx to like this

usb emontx
5V 5V

I tried to upload a firmware to the emontx but it does not work. How can I test my setup ?

I looped RX and TX and this works, but I can’t get a connection to the emon .

Need help ! Thank you

I’ve answered this a couple of times recently, did you try a search? And it’s answered in the FAQ. About ⅔ down “I’m having trouble with the serial connection to my programmer - it says ‘programmer not responding’. I have checked all the connections, what could be wrong?”

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Thank you , Robert.Wall found the faq via a google search.

Maybe the FAQ should be in the Guide under troubleshooting ?

Correct me if I’m wrong but read the whole guide twice and didn’t know that a F.A.Q exists…

Try looking at the paler blue banner across the top of this page. You’ll find a “Search” magnifying glass there too.

I’d guess the reason for it not being in the guide, is because the programmer from the OEM shop plugs straight in with no problem apart from the orientation (as the connector isn’t polarised).