How to configure My Electric to show data from sum of multiple sensors?

I have multiple power sensors (hand made, based on MCP39F521; GitHub - warpme/MCP39F521: This is ESP8266 micropython script designed to serve ESP8266 as web server showing readings from Microchip MCP39F521. Script developed and tested on esp8266-20161110-v1.8.6.bin. Script listens on port 80 and implements following commands:) and I want to display total power/energy being sum from multiple such meters in My Electric app.

I created visual feed which sums up power from all meters.

My issue is that in My Electric app “use selected feed” drop-down menu I see only nodes (which are for all my power meters). There is no possibility to select my virtual feed with total power.

So I have Q: can I add such virtual feed to My Electric app?
2.If /1 is not possible - what is alternative way to use My Electric app for showing power as sum of multiple power sensors?

thx in advance for help!

Are you using or a self-hosted emoncms?

The answer to Q1 is, the the apps module only officially supports phpfina feed types but it is easily altered to use other feed types. I use other feed types successfully but have never tried a virtual feed type so I cannot say if it’s possible or not, See the Does emoncms expects data to be send reguarly? thread for a discussion on how to change the supported feed types in MyElectric, a virtual feed is type 7 if you wish to experiment on your self-hosted emoncms, on you have no option but to use the supported feed type(s).

However, regardless of whether that does or doesn’t work and to answer Q2, the simplest way is to use input processing to arrive at a total and “log to feed” and choose phpfina feed type, this does mean using more disk space but the phpfina feed type is quite small on disk and much faster than a virtual feed as you are querying persisted data rather than calculating on the fly with each query. I keep several phpfina feeds for no other purpose than viewing in MyElectric etc as it’s quicker and I’ve plenty of space as I use hdd’s not an SD.

If you do try using virtual feeds in my electric, please report back on how it goes, as it would be nice to know.