How to condition sct-013-10 to embedded kit esp-32?

Hi, I have a doubt,
I have the amperometric clamp sct-013-10 (10A/1V) and I need to connect it to the embedded KIT ESP 32 (3.3v). How do I have to condition the circuit to have a sinusoidal wave and be able to connect to the embedded?
Thank you very much.

Welcome @matamala to the OEM forum.

I suggest you read the ‘Learn’ section of this website Learn→Electricity Monitoring→CT Sensors

All you need to know is explained there. Although it mentions 5 V and the Arduino, your SCT-013-010 should work using the circuit on this page Learn→Electricity Monitoring→CT Sensors
BUT you must leave out the resistor marked “Burden” - you do not need it. You already have one inside the SCT-013-010.