How to change the Time Zone

Changing the Time Zone
Where can you change emonPi 'Time Zone.
As a starting point, it uses UTC, as default, but when it is summer time in Denmark it is + 2 hours.

Can it be adjusted somewhere in EmonPi setup?

You can use the “raspi-config” utility from the command line if ssh in and remember to set the OS to RW first.

sudo raspi-config

when you are done you can reset the OS to RO with rpi-ro

All the data in the database is stored in UTC - a UNIX timestamp is the same number at the same instant in time globally. All the timezone does is adjust how you see that timestamp locally. This does cause confusion. If you are adding data from another source, make sure any timestamp is a valid format with a TZ element.

What issues are you experiencing?

EmonPi’s display shows current date and time, but time does not match local Danish time. That’s why I thought it should be adjusted.

However, I can look at emonCMS, graphs that they appear in the correct local time.
That’s why I should not do anything anyway.

See my dashboard from kl. 21.45 local time, where time is displayed correctly.

Thanks for your support

OK, go into your user profile and set it there.

I did not see that there was a pencil next to TimeZone on My Profile.

That was exactly what I needed to point out.

Thanks for the help.

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