How to change feed age after data transfered to remote site


I have successfully transferred data from emonpi to emoncms external site build on debian unstable dist.
Everything looks good, I can see all historical data in the past, but it shows some negative numbers for kWh.
Checking all data for original (emonpi) and target (emoncms) the only difference I can find, which probably is the root cause is that feed age on the target system is NaN, but on the original is 50 days.

Does anyone knows how to correct age for the feeds? I can’t see any direct way to do that. There is no such column for feeds in SQL. I also tried to change timestamp of meta files in phpfina, but nothing does helped.


Hello @kazak I think the issue might be caused by the kWh feed resetting to zero, what does the graph of the kWh feed look like for the recent day if you look at it directly on the graph page?

Hi TrystanLea, Unfortunately I have cleaned up both feeders and can’t experiment with further.
But if kWh feeder was reset to zero at some point of time, then is there any tool to edit easily data after that point of zeroing, in case of phpfina feeder?
For mysql feeder it is relatively easy in case of reset to zero at some point of time, then to edit/fix data after that point.

found the answer for howto correct power kWh in that post :slight_smile:

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