How to call an HTTP/HTTPS address based on Input Process conditions


How can I call an HTTP/HTTPS based on certain conditions in the Input Processing?

What I want is to start/stop the charging and change the power of my Go-E WallBox based on the Solar production and House consumption conditions.

The URL to call would be something like$amps&trx=0&frc=2
where $amps is the value set for Amperes.

Alternatively, executing a shell command would do the trick, but I don’t like that approach very much.


Hello @cidirome there’s no input process to support that at the moment. Perhaps the easiest way would be to put together a little script that polls emoncms or listens to the MQTT messages sent by emonhub…

What setup do you have there? is it an emonPi/base? standard emonSD configuration?

Hi there.

What I currently have is a cron running a shell script every 2 minutes querying some emonCMS feeds and doing some calculations to decide what to do, but I would like to step to the next stage and directly control the go-E wall box from emonCMS.

My config is a tweaked EmonPi with a custom firware that sends the values to an EmonCMS installed in my “router/linux server”.


Thanks @cidirome what is the issue with your current approach? is it response time or something else?

The main issue is that it is not a very elegant way to do it.
I think that if I could integrate it in EmonCMS would be better and more responsive to realtime changes in values.
And integrating it would allow others to use a setup like this without messing with the command line.