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How to calculate running time of heatpump/pumps/functions?

I am a fresh user of a local EmonCMS running on an EmonBase.

My goal with this system is not only monitoring energy usage, but also data recording for my heating system and house.

I have a “PLC” controlled heating system with a heatpump and through various gateways I now have an Input feed in EmonCMS that has value 1 when heatpump is running and 0 when off.
Also have similar feed for heating, cooling, doing DHW.

What I would like to have is a “counter” to see the running time of those devices calculated from the feeds.
Like heatpump was on for 4 hours, 1 hours for DHW, 3 hours for heating.

At the moment, the feeds are simply logged.

Sorry for my English. I am not a native and don’t always find the right words.

You should not be sorry. Your English is much, much better than my Hungarian. (In fact, your written English is better than at least one native English speaker who I know :open_mouth: )

Do you know about the input process “Input on-time”? The description says “Counts the amount of time that an input is high in each day and logs the result to a feed. Created for counting the number of hours a solar hot water pump is on each day”.

I have never used this, but I think it will do exactly what you want - it records the duration that the input value is greater than zero, provided that the input is refreshed every 2 hours or less (which will normally be true).

Thank you very much.
I tend to formulate rather complicated, if I don’t know the correct vocabulary (which is the case here).

To be honest, I haven’t read through the description of every input process, but I will.
The suggested sounds just like what I need, but I guess we will only know it tomorrow or I don’t know how often the process will run. I will report back, if it is working.

Refreshing should be every minute, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

The “Input on-time” does what I wanted to do.
The unit of the feed is seconds and is calculated daily.

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