How to buy a hardware for. a system with multiple circuits

I want to know of its possible to combine the produts in a way that I can monitor multiple circuits at the same time.

The house has a 3 phase mains connection and has 32 isolated circuits.

the first thing that came to my mind was to buo the one that has 4 gangs and monitor each phase there.

However instead of looking at the whole energy consumption. I want to measure power being consumed from each circuit breaker. The installation has a circuit per high consumption applicance like AC and ovens and stove. So I would like to have a broken down consumption per cricuit.

So for that I was thinking of having and emonPi and up to 8 emonTX.

Is it possible to get 8 emonTX connected to the same emonPi?

Or how could I accomplish my goal?

That’s going to get expensive, but the results will be interesting.

Have you see ?