How to ask for Emoncms help/support

When you need help with an emoncms issue, please tell us which version of emoncms you’re running.

Additional info that makes it easier/quicker for us to help you:

  • Is it self-hosted? hosted at another hosting provider?
  • If self-hosted, what hardware is it running on? Raspberry Pi? emonPi? emonBase? X86?
  • If self-hosted, is it a Pre-built emonSD image? a self-built image?
    • If it’s an emonSD image, what version is it? e.g. emonSD-03May16
  • What Operating System is it running on? Linux? Unix? Windows?
  • Have you made any changes to the code? If so, what did you change?
  • Detailed instructions on how we can replicate your issue
  • Please include screen grabs if possible
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