How should I monitor a EcoDan heat pump?

Hello, friends
I am new with ASHP, I own 8.5kw R32 from a week. Do I need to install other device to monitor starts and stops, energy consummation and others ? I have FTC6 with wifi adapter installed and in my MelCloud reports are very strange for example -used energy 100kw delivery energy 1000kw, other it shows that HP never stops, the off time is I turn it off.

Hello Kaloyan! You’ve come to the right place for advice on EcoDan, though it might be better to start a new thread about your particular case.

Can you tell us a bit more about how your heating system is controlled? Firstly, which mode is the heat pump running in? Is it room, flow or curve? Do you have a seperate room thermostat turning it on and off? Is your house too warm because it’s running all the time? Is it actually running all the time, or is that just what MELCloud says? What does the Hourly Temperature report look like?

The delivered / used energy is very odd, suggesting a COP of 10, which is way above what I’d expect from an EcoDan. Did you have a heat meter installed with the system, or is MelCloud estimating it?

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Hello Tim,
My home is around 85sq.m. with floor heating. My bedrooms are with separate room thermostats set to 21 deg. and living room is with no control.
HP is PUZ-WM85VAA with FTC6 control by water flow set to 40deg., and I have 80 liter buffer tank. I use heat pump only for heating no DHW.
No it is not working all the time, MelCloud shows that never stops.
I dont have heat meter installed - all data reports are from MelCloud.

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Let me see if I understand: it’s not on all the time, but MELCloud says it is?

What does the “Internal Temperatures” report look like, for 24 hours?

With a buffer tank, your heat pump might be running to keep that hot, even when none of the rooms are calling for heat. This won’t be great for performance.

Hello, you understand right, that why I think MELCloud reports are wrong. Only “Internal Temperatures” report look like OK, even I set return flow to 40 deg,

Not necessarily. If you want to feed your MelCloud stats into an OpenEnergyMonitor emoncms installation, you are welcome to try my script at GitHub - mjray/ Python script to translate MQTT command to MELCloud and MELCloud status to MQTT topics (as well as publishing values and accepting control commands over MQTT, it also POSTs the published values into emoncms if you tell it how).

Some people have plugged a device onto the cn105 connector of the ecodan to monitor it without using the internet/cloud, but I haven’t and I’m not sure if one can have both a data collection device and the melcloud adapter installed together.

Perhaps your HP is running continuously? You have underfloor heating, yes?, with thermostats that will shut those rooms down but the living room remains on as long as the pump is running. Is there no other master room thermostat connected? You can define a value for the set room temperature in MelCloud and the FTC6 controller has a thermistor built in which I believe will act as the default temperature reference. But if the controller is in a hot cupboard or a cold room it won’t have the expected effect – nor will it work if shows the wrong temperature, mine shows a value of -39° which I was told was a known problem, hence a third-party thermostat was fitted to my system.

The running schedule that you can set via the controller interface is by default on all the time if I recall, this can be altered to limit the periods the system is allowed to run. There are a number of vidoes on YouTube where different aspects of the settings are demonstrated.

I had a lovely COP of about 9 when first installed, until I found that the thermistor on the return pipe was dangling in mid-air and vastly over-estimating the heat being delivered. Clipping it back in soon cut that by two-thirds!

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I’ve had a go using your script with an office Ecodan 8.5.
Thank you and it is working well getting the data from MELCloud into

All the temperature info is great but even after reading other threads I am confused with the power data.
The values I’m getting for HeatingEnergyConsumedRate1 and HeatingEnergyProducedRate1 are whole numbers between 0 and 3 so far.
Am I correct that this should be an average Wh for the last minute? I’m not sure I’m processing it properly in emoncms.
Currently this is as good as I’ve got from the output. Is there anything I should do to improve the data?
Also it looks like there is a long way to go to get this Heat Pump performing well.

These numbers are the total energy (Wh) used/produced in the past minute. Multiply by 60 to get average power (W) over that minute.

Sorry I forgot to say that I have done that in the processing but that means I am only getting 0, 60 or 120W as the consumption and a max of 240W as the output (see screenshot in previous post).
Surely that can’t be right, should the maximum in this cold weather not be close to the 8.5kW max output some of the time?

If I’m understanding correctly from other threads, the HeatPumpFrequency data should show what % of the Heat Pump’s output is being provided. If this correct it looks like when operational it is between 36-76% and so I would expect the produced power to be 3kW-6.5kW.

Sorry I’m new to all this so slowly trying to wrap my brain around it.

Yes, sorry I should have realised that from your chart.

Does this EcoDan have a metering package installed with it? (Aka MMSP or EMP3)
I vaguely remember that the energy readings from MELCloud are useless if there’s no metering, but that was a long time ago. Can you see anything useful on MELCloud itself that correlates at all? I recall that the Energy Report button is hidden, but can be tricked into existence by hacking the DOM in the web browser.

Yes, you can get a reasonable estimate of energy consumption by multiplying the frequency by the maximum input power. Search for “EcoDan Databook”.

Ah, not sure there is the metering package.

I can get an Estimated Energy Usage report in Melcloud and on the FTC6 I can get consumed and produced energy readings by month but I/m not sure that’s the same thing.