How open is my data? Can I download or record it into, say, Google Drive?

I am looking for a way to monitor my electricity demand over time along with my solar supply. But all the systems I’ve seen either give you a snapshot on a device, or feed data to proprietry software. I have big hopes that Emonpi will enable me to own the data I create but I haven’t bought it yet. Would I be able to do that? An IFTTT integration is the sort of thing I’d like to use.

Hello Greg. Our system both supports local data logging on the SD card of the emonPi and/or data logging on a remote server such as This page explains the difference in a bit more detail 2. Log Locally - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor Local storage on the emonPi allows you to keep the data within the privacy of your home.

In both cases you can export the data as CSV both at full resolution (e.g 10s data) or as say daily averages or totals. See the documentation here on the graph module Emoncms Graphs - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor and exporting as CSV Exporting CSV - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

If you are interested in the technical detail of how data is stored on the emonPi (the data format itself) you might be interested to read Learn | OpenEnergyMonitor