How often do you run sudo apt-get upgrade?

Just wondering how often others run apt-get upgrade on their production RPi based EmonCMS machines.

Not often enough!

I did do it the other day and it was a large update which took a while.

If you do, check all the services have come back properly.

A dist-upgrade is more dangerous as it pulls in more changes and that has upset things in the past.

Hello @borpin, Is an apt-get upgrade performed automatically when the EmonPi software is updated? or would I have to do that separately?

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The apt-get update is done but not the upgrade.

Yes, I made the mistake of doing the dist-upgrade once before, so I was concerned about doing just the upgrade. I did make a “disk” image before running just the upgrade.

If it’s running fine and not internet exposed. Not.
When there are improvements, specific updates and ‘time’ available. I run some updates/upgrades/…
Don’t think an update is just click and go… There will be a time it goes wrong en then it starts… (time…)

Exactly. Imagine the upkeep involved if apt upgrade was done everytime the update button’s pressed in emoncms.
I wonder if there’s a subscription or news service for vulnerabilities worthy of upgrading for.
Or else we’re relying on posts to the forum about user’s Pis getting hacked :grimacing:




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