How many modules should I use with following battery?


Let me introduce the 14S6P Nissan Leaf battery pack that only has a 20€ passive BMS…battery it’s about 20kWh.

My doubts could be summarized in 4 different options about using diyBMS.

a) Use 14 v440 modules only in that battery. Maybe too pretentious.
b) Split that battery in 2 banks 14S3P and use 28 v440 modules.
c) Split that battery in 3 banks 14S2P and use 42 v440 modules.
d) Split that battery in 6 banks so every Leaf module has 2 v440 as battery config is 2S…so 84 modules I would need to buy!!.

Based on your experience and size of the battery…what should I do?

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7 leaf specific double bms, because the original one is hard to wire on this model of cells.

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Thanks Marc.

Everything clear. So 14 or 7x2 from this project, right?

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