How is post processing supposed to work?

I am investigating post process functionality. My main incentive is that after power losses or house network failures, all kWh calculations go really wrong. The longer the outage, the more wrong it gets. The original power data are however retained and I found that, by using post processing, I can successfully create a second kWh feed. The problem is, it seems to only calculate all historic date when pressing the “run process” button on each feed.
Is there a way to make this post process run automatically so that the post processed feeds behave like all other feeds?

Maybe there is a way to overwrite the wrongly calculated kWh feed data series with the values from the post-processed one? If so, I would only need to press “run process” a handful of times each year.

I see that other users have asked about the same topic
@nicsergio seems to have developed a solution, but this will require programming skills that I do not have… To repeat myself, is there a way to replace historic data in the original kWh feed with the post processed (and static) feed using the web interface?

I confirm that my little mod has been active for two years and not a single feed has been reset since.
Raspberry lately I also restart it often (I’m making changes to the system)

@nicsergio, I have pulled your code into a PR in GitHub. I have no idea as to the validity of the solution that will be for other to review @nchaveiro & @TrystanLea will be best placed to do so. Note the code has changed quite a bit in other places so it is just the conditional that is included.