How do I use the sync module module

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I have looked through most of the community posts regarding using the sync module; but I have not been able to find anything so far except for some older posts that seem to be related to an earlier/older sync module.

So I was wondering do you please have any instructions on how to use the current sync module at module?

I am not clear what the process is to use it.

I want to copy all existing data from my older existing emonbase system to a newer
emonbase system.

I have an existing (old emonbase system Powered by |
vmaster:8.2.8, bufferedwrite:0.0.1)

Hopefully there are two screen shots below from my system (internal IP address of my emonbase)

My questions are:
Do I have to install the above sync module software on the new emobase system that
I have recently purchased; or do I have to install the above sync module software
on my exisiting old emonbase system;
or do I have to install the above sync module software on both the new and old
emonbase systems?

So far I have installed it on my old emonbase system; when I browse to the
local emonbase web pages, I do not see any sync option at the top of the web
page as follows:

; but I can get to the sync by going to the URL as follows:

then I see this page:

However, it is not clear from the information at module; or within the source code of the module; or on the /emoncms/sync/view web page on how to actually use the sync module?

I do not want to experiment too much on my existing system, as I do not want to wipe my existing data; that I am trying to copy over to my new emonbase system.

Thanks for any pointers.

I would proceed with extreme caution if at all! You are running a very old version of emoncms and a lot has changed since then. I do not have experience of the sync module but I do know it will have been developed to work with much later emoncms versions, I cannot say it won’t work with your version, but I do not think any real consideration would have been given for pre v9 emoncms since emoncms underwent major revamping between v8.4 and v9.

If you wish to use the current modules and latest features you might want to consider setting up a second emoncms server and then doing a “backup” and “restore” to bring the new server up to date and then weigh up the sync module if you want other instances eg

Upgrading to the latest version of emoncms will involve some work as the dashboard module and the way the feeds are referenced from them has changed, the phpfiwa feed engine is being depreciated etc.

The sync module is still in development (AFAICT) the only mention on the forum is in the backup
thread but that thread suggests it might not be complete.