How do I automate upload of input and feed to emoncms online

I think I’ve missed something along the way. My data (input and feed) is only uploading to emoncms when I hit the upload button… Is there a way to automate this?

Hi John,
Are you wanting to upload the data to the “cloud” at
Or do you want to keep the data locally on your Pi?

@Vster . Yes to

Are you sure it’s not being stored locally on the Pi? And the upload is moving local to cloud?

@TrystanLea can answer this better, but no, I don’t think so (it has come up before).

If the data is coming in via emonhub, then you can send it to the local instance and the remote one from there. They would be different data sets unless you added a timestamp to the data.

Hello @JohnSchols it sounds like you are using the emoncms sync module to upload data to This module was intended only for use when doing bulk uploads at an infrequent basis.

For automated upload you can use emonhub following the guide here: 3. Log Remotely - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

You will need to replicate the same input processing that you have locally on

It would be nice I think to be able to use the sync module in an automated way so that you only need to configure inputs in one place…

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