How active & stable is the diyBMS project?

Hello all, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect BMS and Stuart’s project looks like it could be it. It has all the features I’m looking for.

I’m not new to bespoke FOSS projects and would have no issues setting up the diyBMS but what I want to know & I’m asking here to get a general conciseness and maybe Stuart’s input is how “stable” and active this project is.

My diyBMS would go into work on my sailboat which I live on full time and I need a BMS that will work and has active developers behind it. I’ve seen many times FOSS projects go stale and drop dead because one developer moved on with their lives for a number of reasons.

Stuart, do you plan to keep developing diyBMS for a while yet? Larger plans to follow in Batrium’s footsteps and try to get the diyBMS into larger production?

What does the community think of the diyBMS vs a ready made product? Can it stand on it’s own with Batrium & REC?

Thanks all! I think this is an amazing project so far and it’s something the world of diy batteries needs for sure.

The project is definitely active and I’d venture it is fairly stable. I’m running an older version of the main controller board and dedicated shunt board and have not touched it for well over a year now with no major issues. The only issue I’ve faced is a known bug with WiFi forcing a restart when the connection goes down.

It would be good to hear from @stuart as to how stable he has seen it be as well.

Thanks for the reply and that’s awesome about your success. When you say connection you mean WiFi right? That’s a big weakness in a mobile environment like mine.

Yes the WiFi issue is the only major outstanding problem at the moment and it’s not very easy to track down.

I personally don’t have that issue at home, but don’t know if that’s just a more stable/compatible WiFi router or not.

I’m still actively developing the system, however I would add a major caveat and that is about safety critical systems.

If you are relying on any BMS for a sailboat where your survival is dependent on it/the battery then I would really want a tried and tested system.

Perhaps even two BMS (one for monitoring purposes) and the other for controlling the battery cells.

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Stuart, thanks for the direct reply. Good to know about the WiFi bug, I will most likely shift my focus back to a commercial BMS for now but I still want to build your project and play around with it. The features you’ve added and direct feedback to the community are what I like about FOSS projects. I will be sure to post my setup and results of using the diyBMS on my sailboat.

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