Home Assistant integration of data from emoncms entities

I am attempting to pull in the data from open energy monitor into my home assistant

I have the following sensor set up but it shows as “unavailable”

Any ideas how to pull in this value, and others into my version of home assistant

  • sensor:
    • unique_id: “energy_boiler_load”
      name: “Energy Boiler Load”
      unit_of_measurement: “W”
      icon: >
      {{ ‘mdi:lightning-bolt’ }}
      state: >
      {{ sensor.emoncms_electric_power | round(2) }}

What I am trying to achieve.

@JustinUK Does the last line need to include states(’ ') round the sensor.emoncms_electric_power ?

Yes that fixed it :slight_smile:

Any idea on how to display tank temperature and current cop too?

I have a Vaillant heat pump so I am using the MyPyllant integration (available from HACS) for tank temp and daily COP.

signalkraft/mypyllant-component: Home Assistant component for the myVAILLANT API, controls Vaillant devices such as aroTHERM heatpumps and ecoTEC boilers (github.com)

There may well be a way to hook a tank thermistor up to an EmonHP though and I imagine there is a way to calculate COP from the various sensors/inputs provided by EmonCMS but it’s not something I have attempted, sorry.