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Home assistant integration - how to assign a sensor to an area / room


I have an emoncms working well (with a emonTH), I’ve also recently started with Home Assistant.

I am using the official emoncms integration - Emoncms - Home Assistant

Everything shows up in Home Assistant, power use, voltage, temperatures - so far so good.

I am trying to assign the temperature sensors in particular to an area / room but I can’t.

When I try it says:
‘This entity (“sensor.emoncms_power_house”) does not have a unique ID, therefore its settings cannot be managed from the UI. See the documentation for more detail.’

I was wondering if anyone else with a similar setup has encountered similar and knows what I’m missing?

Thanks in advance!

Since the Integration was created, quite a lot has changed in HA.

There is this info for developers, but, as usual, it doesn’t really help actually modify the integration.

As none of the Devs seem to use Emoncms, it does not get any attention (I’ve had an open issue for ages that needs help but nothing has been forthcoming. It is a simple change I suspect, I just do not know how). They can also be pretty dismissive and not very friendly. I’ve given up asking for help.

So for now, sorry you can’t assign the sensors to an area :frowning:

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Thanks for your reply Brian & your efforts, that’s a pity, fingers crossed for the future.