Home Assistant emonSD

Nice work! I’ve just seen the home assistant blog post releasing the new version.

I had a play myself with home assistant earlier this year and was impressed. I’m thinking about including it pre installed on the next release of emonSD raspberrypi prebuilt SD card release. We already include openhab and node red.

Are there any considerations I should be aware of? I don’t know how familiar you are with our prebuilt SD card: we run the root filesystem in read-only then have a read write data partition to minimise sd card write. I will have to investigate how home assistant works with root filesystem in readonly. I will have to put the persistent folder in the read write drive partition for persistence to work.

Would you be happy to help me test?

Here at the instructions to install home assistant on our sd card image that I made six months ago. Do they look OK to you?

I’m actually using home assistant on windows as well (same intelnuc where i run emoncms on). I do have a raspberry pi but i actually don’t use that at all or much. I’m not an expert on home assistant far from actually, just made the emoncms components and i can install and make a configuration for the things i want to use.

I do know they have an all in one installer for installing home assistant on the raspberry pi. this is the link for information. It might be intresting too look at what the installer does to perhaps change a few locations.

another consideration might be to disable the creation and use of a database completly you need to remove history recorder and logbook from you configuration then it won’t create any database but also don’t keep any history.
I can look this up / test again on my pc as i was doing this fro quite some time.
This might make sure that home assistant is not writing so much to the file system. I’ll check when i get home what actually needs to be removed

The config file should be accessible in your actually the home assistant home directory should be accisble and have write enabled so should be in read write partition you can probably change this location i think (never tried)

another thing to note, hass uses python 3 and installs (component) depencies when it’s needed well in my case it does. not sure if it gets all depencies (for components) if you do a pip3 install homeassistant (or python3 setup.py install).
if you for example change your configuration to include one or more components you want to use you have to make sure that python3 / pip can install the extra depencies needed, i think home assistant saves them in it’s home directory but might be worth the time to check this as well so you don’t get problems when users starts including other components in their config.

One thing to consider is that this application is rapidly developing. It may be better getting involved on the HA side so EmonCMS can integrate with it more easily and wait for the development to settle down.

i just double checked, if you comment out logbook, History and recorder in the configuration there is no database created / used at all. So don’t have any space problems due to a growing database nor any sd card problems due to writing a lot to the file system. BUT you won’t have any historical data, only the current state and you won’t view any graphs on sensors that had them anymore, nor any history of state changes but i’m not sure if this is actually that is wanted ? I run my hass installtion like this as i have no use for the graphs, all graphs i need are in emoncms and i’m only interested in my automations, the current state of everything and controling devices