Home Assistant - Auto Discovery via MQTT

I’ve got two mitsubishi heatpumps that I have added ESP8266 based wifi cards (google “hack mitsubishi heat pump” to see how easy this is) and they automatically appear on the Home Assistant overview page via the magic of MQTT.
I’ve now added two OEM relays to control a couple of auxillary panel heaters, and looking for some way to get them to be auto discovered via MQTT.

Is this possible ?

What are the relays? It is a function of the embedded software whether they give out the right MQTT messages.

Not really a question for this forum though, try the HA forum.

They are wifi relays I bought from the shop here.

The answer then is no AFAIK.

You can manually setup MQTT switches in HA quite easily.

Alternatively, as I believe they are ESP8266, you could re-flash with Tasmota or ESPHome, both of which have discovery options.