Historical data loss upon reboot


I need some help to resolve this issue. For some reasons my raspberrypi hung up earlier today, it was after about 6hrs that I noticed and did a reboot. Upon reboot I checked my pi dashboard and noticed wired behaviour. Data of about 3 weeks back were truncated and displaying in a strange way. How do I fix this please?

I have attached a screenshot of one of the feeds containing some some strange numbers in its CSV output and graph…I need suggestions on how to fix this please

Hello @ojeysky do you have the post process module installed? Is you setup a standard emonSD image build?

You can use the remove less than / more than process to remove these spikes.

Oh I do not have that module installed on my emoncms, do you have the setup reference please?

@TrystanLea i installed the module using the instruction at: GitHub - emoncms/postprocess: Post Processing module for emoncms
But i am not yet seeing the post process tab on my install. I have Version: 10.1.13 running on my raspberry-pi what should i be checking?


Very wired behaviour I now observe is that anytime my raspberrypi restarts, I loose the actual data in my graph! Attached is what I get. Does it mean one can not restart emoncms safely without loosing data?

The data loss part is resolved (was a failing SD card) but though the postprocess shows as one of the installed module in the admin menu, it still isn’t showing up on the menu of emoncms

Is this a new emonSD image you have used?