Historical daily kWh

I have an emonpi running v 11.3.22
Is there a way to get historic data for My Electric (or My Electric 2)
It shows 2 weeks of daily total kWh
I would like to get that data for the last 6 months

Hi @oldfart, welcome to the community!

Here’s a handy guide:

Hi, I had already read that, thanks for the reply.
It is not very well worded, or explanatory - for me anyway. I could not follow it.
I have searched for an in-depth guide and failed.

Try this:
In Feeds, click on the name of the kWh feed; this will bring it up in the Graphs Data Viewer.
Set the duration (just below the words “Data Viewer”) to Year.
Just below the chart set Type to “Daily”.
Then in “Feeds in View” at the bottom of the screen, set Type to “Bars” and check the boxes for “Fill” and “Delta”.
Finally, press “Reload” on the line that starts “Y-axis”.

Hope that works for you!

@christian Thank you so much - exactly what I was after. I would never have worked that out!!

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