Help with specifying, local logging

Hi all, I wondewer if someone could help.
I work from home, in a hut down the garden. Living the dream!
The power for the hut comes off a breaker on the household consumer unit. I want to monitor my hut consumption separately, and emonpi looks like a way to do this.
In order to delight my accountant when it comes to claiming power expenditure back off my company, I need to be able to log said power consumption convincingly, with a full years records available and broken down appropriately, perhaps in excel spreadsheet form, to present with my yearly accounts.
To this end, is it possible to log such in the form of a csv say, locally a handy network drive? As opposed to (I think I read) the SD card, or a cloud service?
Thanks in advance for any help you can give; I’ve been looking for a solution to this issue for a while and am surprised that ecompi is the first I have found which seems to have the potential to work for me.

It’s possible to download the records as CSV from emoncms, from either the local or cloud based server. Or create a chart there and screen capture it.

There are other home monitoring gadgets out there which are dedicated to that one task (for less outlay). OEM can do a lot more though.

Hello @Et0, @srt
There is a guide on exporting CSV here Exporting CSV - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor