Help With Computational Feeds


I have 2 DIY battery packs.
1 has a RS485 Connection, the other Bluetooth only

they are both connected to an Inverter and i use emoncms for monitoring.

The problem is that i am only able to log and show the pack with RS485 in emoncms

so i have a situation where the panels are producing 1800 Watts, but my dashboard shows only 600 Watts going into the pack with RS485 connection

I need to compute the difference between charging and discharging for the second battery.

e.g Panels doing 1,600 W

Battery A is taking 600 W

Battery B should be 1,600 W minus load minus 600 W

same with discharge.

i can’t find a guide for using virtual feeds, else i would not ask.

This might help:

I’ve never attempted to use a Virtual Feed, so I’m afraid I can’t help you.

[Did you know the search in the light blue bar and the search in the dark blue bar are different? The latter will also search the archived forum.]

@TrystanLea This looks like something to go on the emonCMS To-Do list.