Help to extract and share performance data for a NIBE F2040 heat pump

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this is Jan Rosenow and I’m a heat pump policy expert. I would like to contribute to openenergymonitor and share my heat pump data. But I have zero experience with any of the programming languages and need help. Can someone explain how I go about sharing my data for a NIBE F2040 heat pump?



Hello Jan, good to hear from you on here! What monitoring do you have on the NIBE at the moment? I know there’s the Nibe Uplink and I can help you record the data from that, but it’s usually quite limited and not enough to create a full dashboard.

Do you have a heat meter? The NIBE heat pumps I’ve helped monitor dont seem to have integrated heat metering? as far as I have been able to tell… I only have limited experience with NIBE so there may be configurations Im unaware of.

@Zapaman and @dMb have probably got the most experience of Nibe here and may be able to help guide us in the right direction.

A lot of the systems on have our 3rd party modbus electricity monitoring and mbus heat metering monitoring package Level 3 Heat Pump Monitoring Bundle (emonHP) - Shop | OpenEnergyMonitor this gives the most detail and best accuracy but does of course come at an expense and requires an electrician, plumber/installer to fit. You may well have components of this already in place e.g a heat meter that could be used as part of this?


Welcome Jan,

As Trystan says, it’s great to see you joining this community and we’re happy to help you share your data.

The NIBE systems monitor quite a lot of operational parameters and (assuming they’re given an Internet connection) they send those to the NIBE Uplink servers, primarily to drive their smartphone App. A good approach for reporting those parameters is to interrogate the NIBE Uplink API every couple of minutes and pull back a selection of readings to supply to the MyHeatpump app that underpins the HeatpumpMonitor site. That ‘interrogate the NIBE Uplink API’ step needs a script of some sort; I have some examples written in the Python scripting language.

However, that’s not the full story because the NIBE systems do not have built-in Electricity Consumption (input) or Heat Generation (output) meters - so those need to be installed separately. If you already have those that’s great but if not the first step will be to investigate options for retro-fitting suitable metering - using something like the Heat Pump Monitoring Bundle Trystan mentioned.

Your F2040 is the outdoor unit, right? You presumably also have an indoor controller, something like an SMO 20, where you configure the settings? That’s the combination @prwv has on his installation.
(I have an F1145 GSHP where the controller is integrated into the compressor enclosure, all indoors.)


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Hi Jan great to see you on here.
Yes NIBEuplink is a great starting point. Also Yes I have a very similar set up F2040-6 with SMO20.
You would probably need to set up a Raspberry Pi to capture the Uplink data and push that yo EmonCMS. The flow / return temperature data should be available. Also Compressor Frequency and Circulation Pump % parameters can be useful. FInally if the outside temperature should be available and the room sensor data if you have that sensor.
This data forms a really useful starting point.

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