Help to configure lcd display on emonpi

i need help to configure emonpi onboard lcd on image emonsd 17oct19
where is the default configuration file of lcd e.g emonPiLCD.cfg
i go crazy to find it but none
thank you


It’s located in /home/pi/emonpi/lcd/

I suggest making a backup copy before making changes.

thank you…now i try to change configuration to view a other feed

i have another question:i have a pulse counter with espeasy ,and i try to visualize on display some infos,especially the power pulses and total power…the espeasy crate a node numbered 61,and 4 inputs named field300 to 303…in feeds i have 8 filds with various names…how i configure emonpilcd.cfg and what are the names of mqtt feed topics,i dont know…
thank you

Are you sure?
I am running 17oct19 and the lowest I can go is /home/pi and there is just a there.

with the command find i have “find” the emonpilcd.cfg in:


the config file is


Thank You! Found it!

Note if you change it, it will block updates to the emonpi repository as Git will see it as a modified file.

Will this be the only file that will not be updated?
How does Git know it has been modified?


It just does - that is the whole point of git. There is a work around that is quite easy and as long as you are aware of the potential issue, if you do an update from the UI remember to check the update log for errors. This repo does not update that often.

@TrystanLea could the cfg file be added to .gitignore?

So to be clear to me, since I modified emonpilcd.cfg (backlight timeout and power 1 and power 2 display), the file has the modified attribute set now, and if I were to run an update, none of the files would be updated because of this one file being modified?
Could i clear the modified flag for this file before updating? or is there more to it than that?

I had modified this file some time ago, and the updates seemed to work even though the file was modified… hhmmm.

If I understand correctly, you can get around that by using the stash command.
I’m not completely up to speed on Git, but this should help:

“reasonably simple” for a linux guy…OUI! I am not a Linux guy, but I kinda follow what you are doing.

  1. “stashing” or hiding the file to keep
  2. “git pull” the update
  3. “pop” unstash or retreive the hidden file after all the others have been updated.

Do I have the operations correct?
I will search on what you are saying so you don’t have to “lead me by the hand”.
Thank you for the help!

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Indeed you do. thumbsup

Thanks! Like I said, not being a Linux guy, the commands are somewhat foreign to me, but the internet has tons of info and help.
I’ll give it a go.

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you have a indication to my question to mqtt lcd infos…??thank you


Sorry, but I don’t use MQTT, so I’m not familar with it.
I was trying to help pomonabill220 with some Git commands.

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I am not sure but I think it may be better to create a local git branch and commit your updated cfg to it, then the git pulls should work OK unless the cfg file changes in a conflicting way… and I don’t know how emon would signal a failing git pull to the user, but I suppose that is only the same problem as if a modified cfg file blocks the git pull anyway. If this is gibberish to anyone, then I may be about to walk this road soon and could post the commands that I use and a summary of the responses.

One possible added bonus is that it might make it easier to use the git commands to draft a pull-request but I think I remember reading that GitHub pull-requests are different to git pull-requests so that might not help much after all!

I stopped using emonCMS about 4 years ago. (switched to InfluxDB/Grafana)
Hence, I haven’t used git (WRT emonCMS) since then.