Help please! Location of icon files in openhab 1?

Can anyone tell me where icon files are stored in openhab 1?
I am using the latest emonpi sd: emonSD-07Nov16
This has openhab 1.8.2 but it seems to have a cut down icon set
I wish to add more icons but can’t find where to put them!
There’s plenty on the web about how to do this in openhab 2 but this has a different directory structure
I cant find anything on openhab1


They should be in /usr/share/openhab/webapps

See this post on how to upgrade to OH2 which lists the default install locations for OH1:

/etc/openhab/* - Configuration files
/var/lib/openhab/* - The openhab user's home directory, zwave and embedded persistence database files
/usr/share/openhab/webapps - Custom icons, custom webviews (e.g. Weather Binding), other static webpages and web content
/usr/share/openhab/bin - custom command line arguments to the JVM, changes to the default ports, etc.
/etc/default/openhab - an alternative place to change the default ports

Thanks Glyn! Found them!
The prospect of migrating to OH2 looks daunting!
I take it the next emonpi SD will have OH2?


Upgrading is not too bad since OH2 is a sperate package and can be installed alongside OH1

Yes, we will be releasing an updated emonSD soon. I’m working on documenting the upgrade steps here: https://

There is already a thread: